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“Lance really put his life on the line and as a neighbor that says a lot to me."

– Brooke Budwick

KOMO Seattle – Lance Randall heard something unusual outside the bedroom window of his Rainier Valley home in Seattle early Saturday morning, a commotion in which he was nearly shot and killed.

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Campaign poster featuring an illustration of Lance Randall and Seattle Waterfront

O'Donnell's Irish Pub

Meet & Greet with Lance Randall

Join us for light appetizers and refreshments while meeting Lance Randall!

Topics of discussion: Public Safety, Homelessness, Economic Development for downtown businesses.

Smith Tower, 508 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Campaign poster featuring an illustration of Lance Randall and Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Mayoral Art Forum

In advance of the primary election on August 3, a coalition of arts organizations are hosting a forum for the mayoral candidates.

The Seattle Mayoral Candidate Arts forum will take place on July 22nd, at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, from 6-8 p.m., but be accessible to the public online.While the event will be in-person for candidates, there will be no in-person audience, save for media and event organizers. Long-time arts advocates Vivian Phillips and Marcie Sillman will moderate.

Please join us to hear from the candidates themselves about their ideas, hopes, and plans for post-pandemic arts recovery and how the creative industries can play a part in Seattle’s sustainable development.

The Platform

The country knows Seattle for its growth and prosperity of the past decade. However, not all Seattleites have been able to share in that prosperity, and COVID has only exacerbated those inequities. 

As the country and world come out of the pandemic, we will search for a city modeling effectiveness, sustainability, equity, and accountability to its citizens. Seattle can be that model city. I want to leverage Seattle’s creativity and ingenuity to model a city where everyone can live freely, create, and prosper.

I have pulled together a platform explaining my plan to address topics including dignity for the homelessness, economic rebound, revitalizing our music scene, rebuilding our infrastructure, public safety, and climate. This platform invests in our people, our culture, and our future. 


To end City Hall’s neglect of those experiencing homelessness who are sheltering in makeshift tents and RVs on our streets, in public parks and wooded areas; I am proposing a unique plan that I call “The Dignity Project”. This plan is based on the successful model “Hillsborough Hope” Tampa, Florida.

All elements of this project will bring about dignity, stability, and opportunity for those who are displaced, as we continue our efforts to develop housing options. With this approach, the city will be able to clean the streets, dispose of trash and debris, remove graffiti, and enforce our local ordinances prohibiting camping on the streets in tents and RV’s.


The most important responsibility of our local government is to keep the public safe and protected. To do this we rely on our public safety service delivery system which consists of the Police Department, Fire Department, First Responders and Human Services Providers.  For this system to function properly each agency must be adequately funded and staffed. These agencies must be mutually supported and work together as a team. I will keep my commitment to keep Seattle safe and protected by maintaining a fully funded public safety service delivery system. Based on the recent demands for social justice in our country, it is especially important that our Police Department is motivated to improve.


For Seattle to reach its full potential, we must invest in our people, including their mental health. We need to invest in a behavioral health and addiction services system where our service providers and community-based organizations have the infrastructure and support they need to support our community. My plan will focus on supporting our children, youth, and families along with building capacity of our organizations to support our homeless community and those struggling with addiction.


The city must move swiftly to revitalize the downtown core and our neighborhood business districts, stop the exodus of businesses and the elimination of jobs.  Every business in Seattle is important to our economy and we must recreate a business environmental where all of them can thrive in the city. To help Seattle’s economy rebound I am going to act quickly and intentionally with plans that are both realistic and aimed to bolster our local business’s ability to survive and continue to operate successfully in the city.


While Seattle has rightly earned a reputation as a creative city, the combination of the recent economic boom followed by Covid-19 comes at the expense of its creative culture and economy. Seattle is losing its creative edge as a result. I will turn this trend around by working with arts and entertainment leaders to make Seattle the most creative city in the world where people can make a living making music, film, art, and theater. The benefits of this effort extend far beyond artists too, because the more creative Seattle is, the better equipped its culture will be in attracting talent and coming up with innovative ways to address societal challenges like homelessness, addiction, mobility, public safety, sustainability or simply enhancing the visual environment.


Transportation is essential to Seattle’s economic growth and the revitalization of its downtown.  A well-maintained and fully functioning infrastructure is necessary for efficient and safe mobility in Seattle.  This mobility includes automobiles, trucks for freight and delivery, public transit, light rail, bicycles, and pedestrians. An excellently maintained and safe transportation sector enhances Seattle’s economy and constitutes an effective the nexus for First Responder access, Fire Department access, Human Services access, and Police access to ensure public safety.  A well-managed and accountable Seattle Department of Transportation can ensure the safety and effectiveness of the city transportation sector.


Seattle has experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade, spurred on by job growth and speculative development. Throughout this growth, housing has become more expensive and taken longer to permit and construct. The development community and city processes have struggled with this growth, resulting in fewer housing units being produced than needed and higher costs across all types of housing. Zoning regulations establish exclusive conditions throughout the city and increase disparity within the city between individual citizens and neighborhoods. Focus on creating a more equitable policy that will enable a future where more people can have access to vibrant and walkable neighborhoods and afford to live in the city.


Lance’s environmental vision infuses his experience in job creation with Seattle’s climate leadership to support green job creation through infrastructure projects and private sector innovation. Lance’s focus on green job creation provides opportunity for all people, of all communities and backgrounds, to participate in and benefit from the wealth creation resulting from the creation of a green and equitable economy.
Seattle has a long-standing reputation as a leader on environmental issues. These next 4 years will be critical for humanity as we address the huge issues in front of us. Seattle has an opportunity to re-assert our regional, national and worldwide leadership, and we see the policies below as central to building a sustainable future.


In 2020, due to the pandemic, sporting events were cancelled, and tourism declined significantly. Many sports and tourism jobs were lost, and local hotel occupancy rates plummeted. As Seattle comes out of the pandemic, we will accelerate our economic recovery by investing in the promotion of sports and tourism to bring visitors back to our city.


Every Seattleite deserves the opportunity to be successful and have financial stability. Seattle can only achieve its full potential when each of us can contribute at our best. As Seattle has become more expensive to live in, it is important for our youth, low-income residents and encumbered workers to be able to increase their personal income to afford to live in the city.  We will invest more into our local workforce development programs and work closer with our regional partners and businesses to provide more internships, apprenticeships, training and job placement to enhance the quality of life for all our residents.

Message from Lance

Seattle is known for its beauty, diversity and innovation around the world, which is why I chose to make the “Emerald City” my home. I believe that by working together we can create a more fair and sustainable future, but we have some challenges we must overcome first.

Our economy needs to recover from the effects of Covid-19, we need to address homelessness in a compassionate but firm way, we must ensure everyone is protected through comprehensive public safety and we must maintain and improve our transportation infrastructure.

We can overcome our challenges with a leader that has a vision, a plan to solve problems, can build working coalitions and produce results. I am ready to be that leader.

For 30 years I have worked as a political scientist, economic development practitioner and entrepreneur. I have held leadership positions with a U.S. Congressman, a State Senator, Mayors, businesses, non-profit organizations, public-private partnerships, and educational institutions. My background and experience make me uniquely qualified and prepared to be Seattle’s Mayor at this exact moment in our city’s history. 

I am asking you to support my campaign and elect me to be the change Seattle needs, “A Transformational Leader for a Transforming City.” 


Leadership In Seattle

Lance Randall with Southeast Seattle Business owners
A Beautiful Safe Place For Youth

Partnered with the Seattle Neighborhood Group under the “A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth” program to reduce crime that affects youth in five Rainier Beach hotspots. Led the façade improvement project to install lights and safety equipment for 18 immigrant, minority and women own businesses. Negotiated an agreement with landlords that the tenants that benefited from the improvements could not be evicted for at least two years after the improvements were complete.

Youth Care Seattle

Assisted Youth Care Seattle, a non-profit organization that provides services to youth experiencing homelessness in Seattle, by finding the organization a location and negotiating a lease for them to set up their operations in Southeast Seattle. The organization serves over 20 homeless youth.

Youth Care
Rainier Community Clinic
Rainier Community Clinic

Assisted the Rainier Community Clinic, a non-profit organization that provides midwife and prenatal care to low income and immigrant women, by finding them a new location and negotiating a lease for a space in the Genesee neighborhood to set up their operations after being displaced. The organization served over 20 immigrant women and had 5 employees.

Dignity for Divas

Assisted Dignity for Divas, a non-profit organization that provides services to women experiencing homelessness in Seattle, by finding the organization a location and negotiating a lease for them to set up their operations in Seattle. The organization serves hundreds of homes women throughout the region .

Dignity for Divas